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Jayvee Jan Mah

Jayvee Jan Mah, #whyiservehappy

Jayvee’s love for the food industry began as early as high school when he worked as an on-call waiter for a hotel in Cebu. Even with an entry-level  position, this never hindered his determination to do his job well. This immediately caught the attention of the Management Team from Outback Steakhouse while they

Workers request P675 per day minimum wage in Metro Manila

Minimum wage earners in Metro Manila may enjoy a minimum rate of 675 per day if the government approves the latest petition filed by the Associated Labor Unions-trade Union Congress of the Philippines (ALU-TUCP)   Last May 24, 2017, the ALU-TUCP has formally asked the

A Hospitality Employer’s Wishlist

A Hospitality Employer’s Wishlist   Sa karami-rami na ngayong nag-aaspire na magtrabaho and pahirap lang ng pahirap ang competition sa hiring scene. Para makatulong sa inyo, naghanda kami ng list of qualities na usually hinahanap ng mga employers of hospitality-based industries.     Make the

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ServeHappy.Ph Curation Process

Curation Process. ServeHappy.Ph wants the best for you. We assure that every job post online are the best with the Curation Process. The Curation Process’ goal is to put out the best job post, to attract the best/right applicant. It takes at least 24 hours